Destination: Amsterdam

by Bison

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The first EP by BISON


released February 1, 1994

Produced by BISON

Music by Ben Averch, Mike Averch, Matt Olken
Lyrics by Ben Averch except 4, by Ben Averch and Matt Olken

Ben Averch: drums, guitars, vocals
Mike Averch: guitars
Matt Olken: bass, vocals on 4



all rights reserved


Bison Boston, Massachusetts


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Track Name: Destination Amsterdam
I don't miss you, you drive yourself into the ground
All that feeling is pushed out of thought behind sound
Memory fading, nothing exists except now
I won't ask you to stray from the path that you've found

And I dream of Amsterdam
And I slam that door shut

Black and blue sky, wind pulls the snow into drifts
Endless winter, you pull yourself over the rift
Broken windows, burdens that you'll have to lift

And I dream of Amsterdam
And I know who I am

Kneel down, kneel down

I don't need to feel no more of this pain
Sacred burning, I'll feel a little more sane
Under water, it seems you're breathing just fine
Hold your anger out on a pole in the wind

Kneel down, kneel down

And I dream of Amsterdam
And I slam that door shut
I know who I am
I'll slam that door shut
I know who I am
Track Name: Why Aren't You Happy to See Me?
Oh woman, you and me are tied together by our own foolishness
But you won't see me passing through the walls heavy with regret
I don't have much to count on, just a dream of leaving here
But when I come home to you, I wish that you were there

Why aren't you happy to see me?
What would it take to make you believe?

A thousand years, a thousand miles could be the distance between us
But somehow through that space you've grabbed me
You were lucky when I found you, but you'll probably never know
Maybe you'll feel the space I'm leaving you

Why aren't you happy to see me?
What would it take to make you believe?
Track Name: Lagerman
I am lost on you, you can't hear me speaking
Everything we've shared hasn't made us strong
You are lost on me, numb without a feeling
I'm living in my drink and staring at the burning embers

Don't ever lose your love, girl
Cos you are all I have

I stare at the stars to try and feel better
You are on the phone
Laughing with someone
You don't come to for me for love
You don't come to me for nothing
You don't come to me, you don't have needs
Everything we've shared has been forgotten

Don't ever lose your love, girl
Cos you are all I have
I know you are lost on me

I want to know where you been tonight
I know you been out fooling
I let you go without a fight cos I had to
I need to know if there'll ever be
A place in your heart for what's left of me
I know I'll fall back down on my own knees

Fifty feet below, I can see the daylight
It's so far above, I shout and sound reverberates down
Track Name: Cathedral
Creep inside the doorway, you gotta be silent I can barely see
I think I'll leave this stash here, do you think you heard a sound
And I don't know what we're doing here tonight
You're walking towards me and I'm fumbling for the light

Rising as the ceiling rises, falling as a brick would fall
Drop me into your cathedral, I will feel your sacred walls
And I don't know what's waiting in here for me
And this silence hangs heavy in the air
In the grip of all of this mystery
I'd believe you if you told me you were scared

Break me open, break me down
I feel this breaking all around
Oh cathedral, here's my soul
What it's worth, I don't know

Break me open
Oh cathedral
Track Name: Running at Speed
Someone's wearing her perfume, he quickly looks around the room
If you stare at someone long enough, you can make them look like anyone
On the TV, there's the Boss, he's singing like he bears the cross of all of those who've loved and lost and had to start again

Statues held in stone embrace, he feels the red flush cross his face
And if you give your heart away, you're never ever gonna get it back
In the frame, her face is still
His memory moves in for the kill
And what he had but never will is all he needs tonight

Oh - what is it you're reaching for?
Oh - what is it you're running at speed towards?

He calls her but the line is tied, the radio renews his pride
He knows she's gonna think of him each time she hears this song
And this his how his story goes, and how it ends up, well nobody knows
And in the midst of night's dark throes, well he can feel the miles

Oh - tell me what you're reaching for?
Oh - tell me what you're running at speed towards?

Well I hope it's not too little, and too late
All I want is to make up for my mistakes
I know I didn't listen when you needed me to
I know I never cared enough to hear you through
Maybe I'll never know how to give you what you need
But if you need me, let me know and I'll come running at speed

All I want is to get through
All I want is to get through
All I want is you